Benefits of Keeping Track of Your Contacts

Contacts might be your biggest missed spot in revenue generation. Invest now to get more revenue from your home contracting company.

A question we often get from landscapers, general contractors, kitchen design firms, and home remodelers is with all the varying costs and complexity in customer relationship management tools, what are the benefits? There is a lot that goes into keeping track of your contacts - documenting names, emails, addresses, phone numbers, interests, project interests, and so on. So there is effort in collecting the info and then of course, maintaining it somewhere. There is a significant amount of time that goes into implementing and managing such a plan. And it's all worth it, every penny, and every minute. 

Increase Leads

If collected at the right time during their search, your website's visitor info (their name, IP address, email) can be used to reach out to them with relevant content suggestions - before they ever contact you! This allows you to engage with these strangers on your site and help to convert them to leads - instead of them disappearing forever. If you're among the couple that don't have a site yet, it's time!

Upsell and Win More Bids

Having this info from the previous benefit, you'd know exactly the type of content they've read. Add in answers to your questions from them (during your phone calls), emails, and consultations - and you have a whole story about them. Bonus: an effective CRM tool and processes enable everyone at your company to access each contact and make notes when they talk to them (in case your potential or current clients in and reaches someone else). Take for example, Mrs. Jones calls in to reschedule your appt because her son is sick. Your employee notes the reason. You ask about her son when you do chat again. This is building connections for trust - and this in return, helps you to sell higher costing/value work as well increase chance of closing. Related: How to Stand Apart From Your Competition

Returning Clients

After your project is well over with, many industry professionals go dark. This is the largest opportunity - during this point of the sales process (which doesn't just end when you win the bid!). By keeping in touch with your client (using the email address she or he provided much earlier), you are able to share relevant content to keep interest going. Articles about updating a bathroom to resemble your kitchen or creating a cohesive space with backyard and front yard yard spaces are examples. This does two things - helps your client find new opportunities for improved living spaces and remember that you do them. When it's time, they'll be calling you again!


If you're sending the right pieces on info to previous customers, or even those that weren't a great match (e.g. they wanted a fence and you don't projects with just fences), then they'll remember you and develop credibility and trust in your company. When their friend needs a service you do, tada, here you are. By having your contacts email address and interests in one database (again, regardless of whether or not they were ever your customer), you're able to stay in touch. Then there is the review you client will likely write. Keeping them engaged encourages them to write it - and keeps them happy about the entire A-Z experience. 

The real list of benefits is endless - with other points on saving time/efficiency and perhaps even advertising costs that you could cut down with the increase attention on contact nurturing. We picked these because we want to show the connection of investing in useful CRM platform with the ROI - in the largest wins of revenue. Related: Quickbooks is not a CRM.