Case Study: Google Ads for Landscape Company in the Midwest


A landscaping company who does only design/build (no maintenance of any kind) came to us during spring of 2018 to get help with attracting better quality and more quantity leads. With a limited budget of approximately $2000 in ad spend, for the 6 months, we helped this landscaping company stretch their budget as far as possible.

How we helped:

We don’t try to reach standard Google Ads metric standards that are considered “good.” We strive to go above and beyond those standards since we know we can create ads that resonate and really communicate this industry’s messages, really well. The trick is, create Google ads that perform really well involve much more than just writing ads. For this company, we researched high volume, low cost keywords that are correlated to the design/build services he wanted to promote. So it’s not choosing all the relevant keywords, but the lowest cost, best performing ones. For each root keyword, we created a group of ads that spoke directly to that keywords. In the Google ad world, this approach is called Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGS). And then we build landing pages that are optimized for the keyword that is in the ad - all translating to lower cost click and higher performing ads.

A good CTR (click through rate) in the Google Ad world is 2.5% or higher. We started these ads with about a 3.25% in the first month and ending with about 4.25% CTR towards the last couple of months.

We started with 66 SKAGS - so essentially, 66 root keywords, and then worked down to 10 by the end of the 2nd month. This is a standard approach we take - narrowing in on the ads that have the best CTR, lowest CPC (Cost Per Click) and highest conversion numbers.

Speaking of conversions - the purpose of these ads, over the six month period, this company received 66 “conversions.” In non-technical terms, this includes people who submitted a form on the website and also click on the telephone number to call in the mobile-only ads. It does NOT include people that called the website after reaching the website as a result of the ads. Most design/build companies we speak with have about 2-3x as many phone calls as they form submissions (often much more).

Other notable metrics:

  • Their ads were shown 78,000 times.

  • 863 people visited the site as a result of the ads.

Google ads for landscape company in Michigan area
landscape company google ads

Example Ad:

We blocked out the company name.

google ads landscaping company

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