Content Marketing for Home Builders and Remodelers

Content marketing and inbound marketing is about giving to get. Learn how your custom home building and remodeling business can use content to get more work.

Today’s consumers have all the power. The sooner business owners realize that, the sooner they can begin to build lasting relationships with prospects and customers. The way to do that in today’s busy world is by providing useful content and helpful information to prospects throughout their journey. The buyer’s journey typically lasts over 100 days for large purchase like a custom home or remodel. That’s 100 days of online research, searching about potential companies to hire, how the process works, costs and budgets, and other related topics. And each year, that amount grows at a rate of almost 20%.  


So what does all this mean to home builders trying to reach new clients? It’s really pretty simple. It means that we must be genuinely interested in helping consumers with their research. We have to ‘give’ some of our knowledge and time to ‘get’ their trust and business. The days of marketing the services of a custom home builder or remodeling contractor with just a megaphone and a telephone are long gone. 


So in order to create content that is truly useful to prospects shopping for a new home or remodel, we need to first understand their needs at each stage of their research. This is referred to as the buyer’s journey and there are 3 stages: awareness, consideration, and decision. Prospects are searching the Internet for different topics based on which stage they are in, and the companies they find early on in the awareness stage are often awarded with a special level of trust and connection. 

That said, when creating content that helps potential clients learn about their needs, it’s important to create blogs for all 3 stages of the buyer’s journey. This way no matter when a prospect finds your company, they will find content that is useful to them. Essentially driving visitors right through the sales funnel online, content marketing—with the help of marketing automation software like HubSpot—helps to drive traffic to home builder websites, convert that traffic into leads, and ultimately close more sales. 

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