Technology has changed the landscape construction industry

Technology has changed landscape construction. Website optimization is critical for leadgen and your landscaping website.

Just like industrialization changed everything not so long ago, the information age is altering the way we do business across all industries. Technology—and how we use it—changes so quickly, often leaving businesses, and complete business models, in it’s wake.  The landscape construction industry is no exception. Today, landscape contractors must constantly reevaluate their marketing and sales strategies, customer service policies, and landscaping business plan to stay relevant and competitive. Here’s a few key areas of our industry that have changed dramatically.

Landscaping Websites & Social Media.  It is hard to believe I know, but it wasn’t that long ago that a business owner could build a basic website, make it live, and be done with it. Those days are long over, however. Today, customers in the market for landscaping services expect a fresh, constantly changing site, with useful content and jaw-dropping inspiration. Beyond the company’s site, they look to connect with professionals they hire on social media through sites like Houzz, Facebook, and Pinterest. Prospects today find your company long before they ever contact you. It’s always important to remember that.

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More Materials and More Choice.  Do your remember when there were 5 styles of interlocking concrete pavers that came in 3 colors? How about when you had the same 20 plants to choose from when designing a front planting? Fast-forward to 2014 and customers have access to anything they can dream of. Hybrid plant varieties that combine the best of two or three traditional varieties, hardscape material choices that will make even a professional’s head spin, and all the access to supply chains and manufacturer information anyone could ever want. Oh, and then there’s this…instead of having two local businesses to choose from when hiring out their landscape construction project, they likely have than 30 companies to consider. Technology has made competition for landscape contractors extremely fierce.

Access to Information.  Perhaps the most important change in the last decade is the incredible availability of information. Prospects today are far more informed and empowered than those of the past and the buying process has completely changed. Landscaping companies looking to grow their revenue and increase their average project size need to restructure their sales and marketing approach to better serve this new world. Gone are the days that a consumer calls a business to learn the basics about the service they provide. Today, by the time you speak with the landscaping prospect, he or she has already researched their potential project for hours. They have a list of all your competitors, available material choices, proper installation techniques, and market prices. Hopefully, they have found your business online. Will she love the high-quality project photography on your website? How about your updated, useful content that helped her with her research? Inbound and content marketing for landscapers is the way to reach and impress these customers early on in their buying process. 

—photo, starmanseries.