Effective Sales for Home Improvement Businesses Starts With Professionalism

With increased competition in todays home improvement space, good companies need to work hard to set themselves apart. Construction Marketing isn't enough.

It's the small things that make all the difference sometimes. But only when the basics are covered. For this foundation of sales and customer relationship management in the home services industry, we call on professionalism. Your contracting business can have the nicest company logo of all logos, the best work portfolio, and the best inbound marketing driven website in all the world. If your leadership team and all of your client-facing employees do not carry themselves in a professional way, it will all be for naught. 

This can take a while to catch up with a business. It's on the slow side of a slow death. A bit slower than if you are pricing projects just a bit too low, for instance. But if you're looking to grow your contracting business and increase your average project size, professionalism in your organization is a necessary foundation.

It's really pretty easy. Your company must follow through, live up to its promises, return phone calls, show up on time, and look and speak respectfully. With the rapidly growing competition in the home services marketplace today—I mean Amazon is even getting in on the action with Amazon Home Services—homeowners have way too many options to deal with your missed appointments. 

The home improvement industry is plagued by low barrier to entry and rampant unlicensed competition and that's unfortunate. But it just means that the high-quality contracting businesses need to work even harder to earn the trust of today's prospects.