Find Design, Build, or Maintenance Employees with Facebook and Instagram Ads

Over 90% of design/builds we speak with have an enormous problem with attracting, finding, and keeping labor. Whether it’s the H2B visa problems or finding local employees - this is one of the biggest pain-points. With Facebook and Instagram - you can get a little help with finding labor this year.

While we can’t promise you that the employees you may find on these two platforms will always show up Mondays and completely transform your workforce problems, they may provide a little help.

Showcase your craftsmanship on Instagram

Whether its laborers and forman or sales and design employees you’re looking for - show them your craft and passion. For new laborers, in-progress shots of your jobs will show them how much you care about the install. You’ll prove that working hands-on, outdoors is an exciting, satisfying choice of work. You’ll attract those that might not have any experience but have the appetite and skills to learn. Similar pictures and videography could help you attract a forman or sales and design employee who wants to represent a company like yours.

Be natural, be raw, be you

All that said, we’re not suggesting you start creating videos and taking photos and start calling out these jobs (okay, actually, you can do that, but don’t let it takeover). Just be honest about your work. Consider the various audiences that are watching your posts on Facebook and Instagram. Whether its potential employees or potential customers - make the content work for everyone by simply documenting what you do everyday. Take a photo of product delivery. Take a video of excavation work. Schedule a professional video-shoot of a project you completed last year. Diary entries with a few works and an image with video.

Facebook versus Instagram

Facebook is slightly more polished than Instagram - its more buttoned up. Think of Instagram as your diary. Don’t think twice about what you’re posting. Snap or video and publish. Add some hashtags (local cities, towns along with industry relevant ones). Facebook however, skip the hashtags, and stick the text and image - but don’t publish everything you publish on Facebook. On this platform, your audience is more homeowner based so choose the better shots of your work and less in-progress (some is okay).

Post jobs on Facebook


And then advertise them! Choose demographics that make sense to the type of employee you’re looking for. Its EASY and it’s right here: Its the new indeed and definitely better than your goold old Craigslist!

The good stuff: demographics to use to attract these design/build employees

Perhaps you read everything so far or maybe you skipped over to the best part. There are so many way to create your perfect audience on Facebook and Instagram to attract employees. Despite our industry experience, every campaign for every client is different. Things are just not going to work perfect from the beginning. So we’re sharing some screenshots of types of job titles and interests that are possible in creating your target audience BUT:

  • Using all of these job titles and interests in one audience is usually ineffective

  • You must trial out different selections

  • You will likely need to do some “ANDS,” meaning you will want to use some interests and job titles and then have a whole other field to allow Facebook to match one selection from each set of criteria

  • You don’t want to attract landscape designers and landscape laborers with the same ads (obviously right?) so while we have both types of selections in our screenshot, you don’t want to actually choose those in the same audience - a different audience is needed for well, every different audience!

  • Test and test and then adjust!! One of the most common reasons for a failed Facebook/Instagram ad campaign is a lack of edits to campaigns - it’s never a set it and forget it!

hiring landscape design and build employes on facebook and instagram
FB and IG ads for finding employees for landscaping jobs