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Find Design, Build, or Maintenance Employees with Facebook and Instagram Ads

Over 90% of design/builds we speak with have an enormous problem with attracting, finding, and keeping labor. Whether it’s the H2B visa problems or finding local employees - this is one of the biggest pain-points. With Facebook and Instagram - you can get a little help with finding labor this year. While we can’t promise you that the employees you may find on these two platforms will always show up Mondays and completely transform your workforce problems, they may provide a little help.

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Episode 20: Make your events go further with social media

Want your events to last longer? The power is in your hands. In this intro-to-the-topic video, we introduce spreading the wildfire event approach with widgets that encourage people to take photos, using branded items, and share them on their social media. The return? People are posting images of themselves, happy, with your brand. Magic. Watch for more and tell us how you've done it!

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What Social Media Platform Should Your Home Improvement Company use?

Remember when Facebook was the hot platform in which every home services business needed to be on? When companies used it as the best free way to market to their potential customers? Well, things have changed. What is still very true is that whether you're company is in the interior or exterior home remodeling business, you need to be connecting with your potential, current, and previous customers on a social media platform.

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