Is Professional Landscape Design Software Really the Answer?

Professional landscape design software doesn't drive leads. As a marketing company focused on construction marketing, we design landscaping websites that drive leads. 

I was speaking with a very successful landscape contractor friend and client of mine the other day. He was telling me about this $150K+ project completed by his company a few months back that was sold off of line sketch on a single sheet of paper. 

As the co-owner of a home services/construction marketing company, I love hearing about the sales and design processes of successful business owners in our niche. While this particular story is interesting to me, please don't get me wrong. I don't advocate landscape design presentations should be rough sketches on loose leaf or a used napkin. Quite the contrary in fact. I think company image is a very important element of ownership to respect and that every landscape contractor should be professional—both in appearance and delivery of ideas.

That said, I must say that I do feel that there is often too much emphasis put on which design software a landscape contractor should purchase and use or for that matter, how exactly the new piece of construction equipment or truck should be lettered up. 

While this friend of mine certainly has a very clean, professional company image, he focuses more of his energy and budget on driving more qualified leads for his business. His website is jam-packed with high-quality, useful content for today's buyer and he has been able to grow the hell out of his company by creating a lead machine online. 

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What if you quickly brought your landscape contracting business up to best practices in terms of company image and design presentation, and then shifted your focus and marketing budget to increasing website traffic, driving qualified leads, and converting those leads into new projects? 

Imagine how nice it would be to have the problem of too many leads and too many new customers. That's the problem my friend faces nowadays. I think it's easier and more fun for him to decide on a new professional landscape design software package for his growing company now than when he didn't have enough work or leads to justify the purchase. 

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-image Jay@MorphoLA via Flickr