It's Official: Video for Design/Builds (and Dealers) Is Not Optional and Regret is Fierce!

Design build videography

It’s official.

Capturing high-quality videos and photos of the projects you design, build, and maintain is now officially a prerequisite to marketing success.

Things change quickly in the design/build world thanks to digital and this is one of the fastest moving changes we’ve seen come through recently. What was once something that savvy, ahead-of-their-time business owners relied on to set themselves vastly apart from their competition, has now become fundamental for all who are even trying to play the game. Notice I didn’t say win the game. That's because securing stunning project photos and videos is necessary just to remain relevant at all now.

Is this true for all design/builds? Yes. But the ones who should really pay attention are those who build projects in the semi-luxury or luxury market segments. Those bigger jobs with higher-end finishes and features. Why? Because the younger, up-and-coming contractors understand the importance out of the gates which means they are quickly going to pass the incumbents.

It all comes down to speed of life and competition.

Have you ever seen a 42 year old woman scroll through her Facebook Newsfeed? It’s truly something to marvel at. It’s amazing that any information is even viewed - forget about retained or better yet, acted on. That speed is what businesses are competing with most today. How do you get noticed in such a fast-paced environment?

Well, it’s super hard and it’s super competitive. If you’re doing many things correct with marketing, you may just get your shot. But so may your fiercest 3 competitors - you know the guys you are always battling for the projects you really want in your service area. So, when you do actually get her to stop scrolling like lightning through the Feed, you better have something to show here that is jaw-dropping. Something that is better than the competition. Something that is both entertaining and that shows your company’s skill and talent. You know, the answer to the “why should I choose this company and not the other one” kind of stuff.

So what gets people to stop scrolling and take notice? Compelling video that tells a story and jaw-dropping photos of your craft. That’s where it’s at right now. Mix those up with top-notch copywriting and messaging, and you’ve got yourself a winning formula.

Without high-quality video and photos of the projects you design and build each month, you’ve lost the opportunity to tell your story. You’ve lost the opportunity to communicate the passion for quality that burns in your team everyday, and to convince that busy consumer that they should consider you for their project. That’s a lot to lose.

“I agree that videos and photos are important! But I’ll shoot the video and photos myself with my phone, then send it to you for use on social.”

We say, “that sounds freakin’ awesome!” But guess what? I can count on one hand the amount of clients that have actually pulled this off successfully over the last 5 years. It very, very, very rarely happens. The design/build industry is a hectic, weather dependent industry in which owners often work an incredible amount of hours trying to keep things on track during the warm months. Something has to fall off the plate, and it’s almost always photos and videos.

Build transparency and legacy.

Every project that goes in the books not captured with photo and video is a huge lost opportunity. We promise you that. The consumers that are purchasing high-end home projects today are looking for transparency. They want to get to know you, digitally. For months before reaching out, most consumers scroll through their Newsfeed, researching websites and digital catalogs, visiting manufacturers - all while learning. The companies that help them with their journey are the companies who get a seat at the table. If you want that seat, start telling the story of your craft. And start this year, before it’s too late and you’re playing catch-up.