Marketing & Sales Automation for Building Products Manufacturers

Marketing and sales automation software for building products manufacturers. Learn how B2B marketing is changing.

Marketing and sales automation is an incredibly powerful tool for BPM's, both for their organization's B2B marketing and B2C marketing channels. While managing the changes and successfully implementing automation can be a huge and daunting task, case study after case study shows the rewards clearly outweighing the investment.

With most BPM's possessing a huge contact database they've build over the years, finding more efficient and more effective ways to utilize these contacts is becoming a major priority. 

For manufacturers with multiple selling channels to manage—dealers, installers, and consumers for instance—marketing and sales automation becomes even more important. Delivering the right message, at the right time, to the right prospect (essentially content based on—and mapped to—buyer personas) is the most effective way to cut through the noise in today's marketplace.  You can read more about inbound marketing for building product manufacturers here.

The perfect mash-up of content and analytics, marketing automation and sales software like HubSpot gathers and delivers big data in a way that building products manufacturers can really use. To truly understand how prospects and customers are using an organization's website and engaging with a BPM brand is what we call 'marketing with trackable ROI.' It really does change everything. 

When seeking to achieve sales and marketing interlock within a BPM organization, little can do more than sales and marketing automation software. Offering common ground with well defined goals, automation helps tie all sales and marketing efforts back to revenue growth. Everybody wins, especially the customers and prospects.