SEO for Landscaping and Pool Companies: Inbound Marketing Drives Leads

Search engine optimization “specialists” and the craft of SEO have gotten a bad rap. And who can argue with this when the phones of landscape business owners ring at all hours of the day with prerecorded messages on the other end screaming “Get your company to the top of Google in 1 day!” Those days are over and so is the witchcraft and mystery of the SEO of the past. 

SEO for Landscapers and SEO for Pool Companies has changed. Today, Inbound marketing drives leads. Learn how to outsource your marketing. 

“The best SEO team member is a well-rounded marketer that can connect with audiences in a meaningful way, validate assumptions with real-world tests, and build a rich and engaging sales funnel experience.”

— Nate Dame

The good news is that while SEO for landscaping companies has changed, pushing your landscaping company, pool business, or outdoor living company to achieve great results on Google is now pretty straight forward—content, content, and more content. In fact, offering transparency in SEO services was a main driver in Halstead Media's decision to become Hubspot Certified and focus exclusively on inbound marketing for the home services industry. Inbound marketing for landscapers has revolutionized SEO for the industry. 

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What does this change in SEO methods mean? First, it means that the content that your company produces needs to be authentic, accurate, useful, and engaging to your prospects. It means that landscapers need a blog for SEO that works. Think about that for a second…. How in the world could a generic marketing company understand the home services industry enough to connect with prospects and make inbound marketing work for you? 

Outsource Marketing for Your Landscaping Company: Choosing a partner that understands your industry.

You know the outdoor living industry (we like this term better than the “green industry” because we think it better represents landscape design/builds, landscape maintenance companies, pool installation specialists, and all designers of outdoor living spaces)—it’s what you do day in and day out. You and your team are educated, experienced, and dedicated professionals. And while marketing principals are marketing principles, how in the world can a non-focused marketing agency know what you know? How can they work on a restaurant account in the morning, a hotel account at noon, and your landscaping company in the afternoon and still REALLY connect with your prospects? We think there’s more complexities in the outdoor living industry than that and I’m sure you would agree. Niche, industry-focused inbound marketing agencies are the best option in our new content-driven world. Whether you partner with Halstead Media or another inbound agency, be sure that your choice understands your industry.

Now that your armed with high-quality content, it’s time to get it in the hands of the right people. Technology changes at a pace that is almost impossible to keep up with, as do the best places and ways to reach your prospects. This is where Inbound Marketing for your pool company or Inbound marketing for your landscaping company is so important. Inbound Marketing drives leads better than any other method today. 

Social Media for your Landscaping Company: Facebook, Pinterest, and Houzz are essential

You may have heard that SEO was all about getting other websites to link to yours, or link-backs. This is indeed very important. But nowadays, because the SEO witch-crafters of the past figured out how to manipulate many aspects of the ranking system, Google now also uses social media to understand how important and/or influential a brand or company is. Pushing content to these social media platforms that audiences enjoy, like or favorite, and ultimately share, is an important factor in achieving great SEO rankings. We like Facebook for the huge reach, Pinterest for the perfect user demographics for the outdoor living industry, and Houzz because, well, Houzz has single-handedly revolutionized home improvement shopping. 

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Ok. So your landscaping company now has high-quality content regularly posted to the right places and a strong presence on the best social media sites for outdoor living. Now it’s time to take the relevant parts from the technical SEO practices of the past and use them to make sure your website is optimized for today’s search engines. 

Traditional SEO practices as part of proper website design for you landscaping business

Optimizing things like page titles, heading tags, and keywords are still important building blocks of proper website design. We like to equate these more traditional aspects of SEO to the likes of having a phone number for your business—it’s of course essential to success, but it is just the beginning. It would be a shame to have the results of all the great content marketing, inbound marketing, and social media marketing efforts you're making for your landscaping company be held back by the lack of these simple SEO techniques. 

So there it is—a simple and effective approach to search engine optimization for your outdoor living company. The problem is though, when do you find the time to make it all happen. Sometimes, SEO for landscaping and pool companies is best left to a dedicated agency. 

Outsource the marketing and SEO for your landscaping or pool company

The home services professionals we work with at Halstead Media are pushed to the limit running their businesses and free time is simply not something they have to devote on content marketing and inbound marketing. Rather than hiring an employee to fill this role—complete with all the hassles and expenses of providing health benefits, covering payroll taxes, on-boarding and training expenses, turnover, offering vacation time, and oh yea, the winter month downtime—they look to us to be their marketing department.  The best part? You’ll never have to explain to us what a bluestone tread is, worry about us spelling Techo-Bloc with a “k” at the end, or wait for us to “learn” what you do while the meter is running. 

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I leave you with this one very important point—the consistency of regularly posted content is crucial to achieving great SEO results. You cannot publish content one time a month and expect results in your lifetime or mine. Halstead Media—the only HubSpot Certified Inbound Marketing Agency dedicated to the home services industry—can help:

  1. Increase traffic to your website
  2. Drive more qualified leads for your business and 
  3. Grow the revenue of your home services business