Step 1 (of 5) in Getting More Home Improvement Job Referrals

Get more referrals as a contractor

In the past, referrals were considered the best way to get leads for a home improvement business. Whether your company relies on referrals as a primary or secondary source of leads, referrals are a critical part of maintaining a sustainable landscaping, remodeling, or general contractor business.

But what happens when the referrals stop coming in? What went wrong? Are your customers unhappy? Perhaps disappointed in  the quality or service? Or maybe, just maybe, they're incredibly happy but just forgot to recommend your company to their neighbor during a conversation about a service you do. Maybe it's because it's been months since they've heard from you after the project completed. 

While getting referrals isn't a new concept at all, getting them is a lot different today than before. It takes a lot more effort. We've released a free email course to help you learn how to get more referrals. At the end of the 5 days and 20 minutes a day of reading, you'll know exactly what it take. Here's a preview. 

Step 1: Excite and Congratulate
Getting a new addition or a new patio - or even something smaller, like a new walkway is a BIG deal for homeowners. They've spent months researching companies and ideas. They've spent a lot of money. Sure, your margins are tight - but to them, a home project is a really big event in their lives. It allows them to do something more in their life.

If it's something aesthetically pleasing outside, then they hope their neighbors will notice or maybe they simply look forward to seeing a better, more welcoming entrance when they come home from their long work commute. If it's a pool or patio, they are anxious to start having more parties at their house or maybe do a little computer work outside. If it's a brand new kitchen, they're thrilled to cook up a big meal using their new countertops and have people over. Are you catching the trend here? People love to share their excitement about something new of theirs. 

So what does this mean to you? A lot. Help them share their absolute happiness about your work! This is the most important thing you can do to get more referrals. We'll also go ahead and say that it's the easiest way! 

Option 1: The minimum you can do
Take your before, during, and after pictures (and if the project is already done, then just after pictures are better than no pictures) and print them as well email the digital versions to your homeowner. The more professional the images, the better. So put in some time - especially with the after shots. Make sure your guys aren't in the photos. Make sure the site is all cleaned up. The key here is to get them over to the homeowner ASAP. Read: As soon as possible, as in within 24 hours of completing the work. Getting them hard copies and digital is important so that they can show them in person (e.g. at work) as well as share them via text with family and friends and on social media like Facebook.

Speaking of Facebook, this is you most viral way to get exposure of your work (more on this in day 2 of the course). The best way to take advantage of this platform is to have your homeowner post your project on THEIR Facebook page and tell everyone it was you. Help them do this! 

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You might be wondering why you should take the pics when they can take it themselves. They'll forget. They'll get to work or go on a long drive, or whatever - they'll forget to take a picture. So, help them share the work with their world!

Option 2: Go the extra mile
We love this one. It's also a very affordable option, especially when you consider the ROI (return on your investment). Put all of your shots in a photo album. There are so many places to have this done. Stop into a Walmart, CVS, order overnight on shutterfly. You can even order the photobook online on the CVS website and pick up in store. Staples and Office Depot are also other options. You get the point - there are plenty of places to get a photobook for under $30. Send your homeowner a digital version and an online one. This is of course in addition to the previous single shots. You don't need to have any text in the photo album - just the 10 or so photos along with a logo.

What better way is there to say "thank you for trusting us" than honoring their new space?! Okay, there are some other good ways (sign up for the free email course to find out) - but these photos will help tremendously. In terms of your money and time, this is step one!

Alright, now go take your pictures of recently completed work (even if they're with your iphone), get them printed, and send the hard and digital copies to your homeowner. Tell them you'd love it if you share the work on Facebook!

Read the rest in the free email course on getting more referrals.