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The New Halstead: We're responsive and we're exclusive.

Our new logo represents a strong foundation, sturdy support, and appealing design. Much like the hardscape industry, these attributes are at the very core of our business. To many reading this, it may look like just a few lines framing our company name. And that’s the point. We wanted our logo to be straightforward and direct. We wanted it to more closely connect with our exclusive client base – design/builds, dealers, and landscaping product manufacturers.

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Concerns About The H-2B Visa: How The Landscape Industry Is Handling It

For the 2018 FY, the cap for the first half was met on December 15, 2017 and the cap for the second half was met on February 28, 2018. This is the earliest these caps have ever been reached by a significant number of days, demonstrating the high demand for seasonal laborers. Prior to 2016, workers who had previously been employed via the H-2B Visa were exempt from this cap, but when the federal budget bill recently expired, the cap exemption expired as well.

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Shifting Search Behavior Means Manufacturer Brands Must Optimize Across the Customer or Buyer Journey

If you haven’t done so already, to remain competitive, your brand must follow suite. We've already talked about the importance of tying the buyer journey to your inbound marketing. By properly planning content, you can guide your leads through the sales cycle on your website. This means that once they reach out to you, they're already serious about buying. This also means that, to garner serious leads, you must offer content to smoothly lead your readers through the buyer journey and ensure no gaps exist that will lead them to drop off. And, they must be able to search for and easily find the information they need at every phase — from awareness to consideration and, ultimately, to conversion.

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Make Your Event Go Further With Social Media: Before, During, and After

So, your company is hosting or participating in a design-build event. You’ve selected the perfect time for such an endeavor; homeowners are out and about, looking for contractors just like you at their local fairs and home shows, or scoping out new design-build professionals to help fulfill their needs. Social media is one of the best ways to promote your event beforehand, populate it during, and capitalize on it after. We’ve laid out the schedule from beginning to end, highlighting which social media resources to incorporate throughout, as well as which work best for the design-build industry. Check it out.

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Episode 22: User Experience Driven Website Design

"User experience website design" sounds fancy, right? It's really not. It's part of every beautiful, functional website design. What are some basic elements? What exactly is user experience website design. Whether you're a manufacturer or a design/build, think about the story - beyond the "scroll down" message. Without further ado, scroll down and watch the video. Hahah

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Episode 21: Are Building Product Manufacturers ready for AI?

What happens when you take something that seems (ok, it is) so complex and apply it towards your specific business? Or perhaps even towards your line of work? Today, Corey will talk about predictive analytics - to deeply understand your current and potential customers. How does it fit in? 

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Episode 20: Make your events go further with social media

Want your events to last longer? The power is in your hands. In this intro-to-the-topic video, we introduce spreading the wildfire event approach with widgets that encourage people to take photos, using branded items, and share them on their social media. The return? People are posting images of themselves, happy, with your brand. Magic. Watch for more and tell us how you've done it!

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The Evolution of Design-Build Marketing [with Infographic]

As long as landscapers have been landscaping and hardscapers have been hardscaping, we have also been, in our own ways, marketing. Over the last score of years, however, the introduction into the “age of technology” has vastly warped design-build marketing. Businesses, regardless of industry, can barely function on simple word-of-mouth anymore. To show our design-build pros just how far we’ve come in the last decade-and-a-half, and our predictions of the next few years, we’ve developed an “evolution of design-build marketing” timeline.

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HalsteadTVEp9: Hardscape Showrooming

It's long past due for the hardscape industry at the showroom level. The kitchen/bath industry has been doing it for years with a ton of success. There are few hardscape dealers jumping on board and killing it. So how do you do it? How do use your concrete paver and natural stone showroom to bring more people in the door?

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Co-op Marketing Programs: Do They Still Work?

Dating as far back as the early 1980s, marketing co-op programs and marketing development funds (MDFs) have played a large role in the marketing industry. It made logical sense in previous decades for businesses to set aside a portion of their budget for co-op marketing. But is just as wise as it recently waste invest in this kind of marketing technique? Are co-op marketing and MDFs still an investment, or are they become solely an expense? 

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3 Ways Hardscape Materials Manufacturers Can Connect with Contractors

With multiple sales and marketing channels to feed, manufacturers of construction and building materials—specifically hardscape materials manufacturers—often have a choice to make. While some manufacturers focus primarily on the end retail consumer—think Cambridge and select segments of Old Castle—most have adopted a hybrid approach, trying to balance communications across dealers, installers and landscape contractors, and the end user. 

With the revolution of shopping habits disrupting the old marketing and sales playbook, it has become difficult for some hardscape manufacturers to optimize and connect with the B2B channel using the old traditional ways. Trade shows, ads in trade magazines, and contractor loyalty programs are all still in the wheelhouse, but is the ROI for these efforts decreasing? It sure seems so. 

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Inbound Marketing for Manufacturers of Concrete Pavers and Walls

What happens when your B2B customer is no longer being persuaded and educated at the dealer/distributor level?

How about when your channel communications are so dynamic that your message and influence as a product manufacturer is lost or diluted? 

Everything changes. The way manufacturers reach their dealers and installers, and the home and business owners that ultimately own their products, has been flipped on its head.

Those paver and wall manufacturers that adapt their marketing strategies to better match these new buying habits will ultimately win new. But adapt exactly how?

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How to Effectively Market to Landscape Contractors

Let’s face it. These guys are tough. Marketing to landscapers—reaching and really connecting with business owners in the landscape design and build industry—is next to impossible.  

Trade Shows?

Contractor Loyalty Programs? 

Full page ads in trade magazines? 

Maybe. But let’s take these 3 common approaches. Let’s conservatively say that these avenues are costing around $500k/year in marketing spend with the added bonus of a whole lot of uncertainty when it comes to ROI. When viewed through the traditional marketing lens, this is pretty standard practice, right? No big deal or red flags here folks.

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