Tell the story behind the patio (or kitchen)

Marketing for landscapers involves content and inbound marketing.

Did you ever see someone trying to sell a high-end kitchen remodel with a picture of a lonely stove?

It’s more likely that those beautiful kitchens you see on (get your work in there!) were sold with luxurious photos, personal testimonials, and family stories that help a homeowner visualize what it would be like for their family to cook dinner in that new kitchen.

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For home design/build professionals, creating the story behind their company’s projects can make all the difference in world. Don’t just show a picture of a newly installed patio, complete with grass seed and straw surrounding the outside edge and the hose that was just used to mist the poly sand laid out across the pavers. While this may mean something to industry professionals, I can assure you that all it looks like to Mrs. Jones when she sees it at her dining room table is a cold bunch of concrete in a half finished backyard. Sorry to say folks, when you don’t look at projects all day every day, it’s very hard to understand what it is you're trying to sell.

But don’t throw those ‘half finished’ project pictures away just yet… Enter the project case study.

The goal here is to make the homeowner see herself and her family living in the space you are proposing for her. You can do this by telling the story behind the project. Put together a few before shots, some construction shots, and a few of the project on the day you leave. But don’t stop there. Visit these projects again one year later and speak with the homeowners about how the extension to their home has changed their lives. Photograph the project then—all the grass will be in, the planting will have filled in a bit, and the space will feel lived in (or the equivalent for interior projects).

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Put together all the photos, add in some editorial about the challenges of the project, the products used, any homeowner requests and wishes, and how your company delivered a great space for the client. Read more about professional photography of your projects here.

I leave you with this….

"Think of projects you design and build as if they are a feature in a home design magazine. It will truly change the way you see the spaces your company creates."