The New Halstead: We're responsive and we're exclusive.

Like the world of digital marketing itself, we at Halstead Media are constantly learning, changing, and evolving. For the past few years, we have continued to stay at the forefront of online marketing trends and proven strategies specifically within the hardscape industry. Our services today aren’t what we thought they would be five years ago. And we know for a fact these services won’t be the same in the next five years. We’re responsive. We research, test, deeply understand, apply only what’s truly relevant to this industry – and repeat every day. Through all of this, we have gained immeasurable experience. To celebrate this strength and how far we’ve come as an agency, we’re evolving ourselves and giving our own brand a new look.

Our new logo represents a strong foundation, sturdy support, and appealing design. Much like the hardscape industry, these attributes are at the very core of our business. To many reading this, it may look like just a few lines framing our company name. And that’s the point. We wanted our logo to be straightforward and direct. We wanted it to more closely connect with our exclusive client base – design/builds, dealers, and landscaping product manufacturers. While our old logo, a blue speech bubble, alluded to our work in spreading the word for your company, this new logo shows just how specialized and in-tune to the landscape design industry our services are.

It is our hope that our new logo will signal to current and future clients that we understand their business like no other marketing firm can – that we are an agency built specifically for businesses like theirs.

The hardscape industry is unique and we know how to market every aspect to every type of consumer. We know that contractors market to homeowners and business owners, that dealers market to contractors, architects, and homeowners, and that manufacturers market to nearly everyone in the category. And we know how to leverage all of these connected channels and marry them with our knowledge of each consumer’s online behaviors and purchase patterns to create strong strategic marketing plans.

We also know how to position each client-type to best appeal to their customer base. We know that contractor businesses see the best results when they share their craft and their best work with their target customers and peers alike. We know that manufacturers are looking to raise industry-quality and showcase themselves as the leader in this. And we know that dealers are always looking to bring in contractors but that there is a growing opportunity to bring in foot-traffic from the new wave of well-researched homeowners.

In short, our new, clean and crisp logo and brand image says something about who we are as a partner to our clients. We are here to help you navigate this new and complex marketing world with your industry, and most importantly, your business in mind. We are here to make every step and strategy as clear and simple as possible. We are here to help you excel. And we are here with a new look to do it.