The Top 20 Problems Marketing Can Solve for Contractors

Landscaping, architectural, and construction marketing that is effective and focused on attracting traffic and leads solves many problems.

As a landscaper or landscape architect, you have more than your fair share of problems related to the seasons, daily weather, appointments at 7pm, staffing for the year (but incoming revenue for part of the year), and vacations mostly in the winter. Plus, of course, you have all of the usual non-industry specific issues like budgeting. Many look to grow or reduce their company size, perhaps expand their offered services, or change their service area. Then you have the option of changing your marketing approach since a good landscaping marketing strategy and implementation is important for any business to thrive - everyone knows that. But with all the options out there, how do you know that Inbound Marketing is right for you?  Because it can solve all twenty of these below problems.

  1. Brings you more leads
  2. Reduces overhead costs
  3. Increases margins
  4. Adds a sales "person" to your staff
  5. Allows you to increase your average project value
  6. Doesn't force you to decrease quality due to low margins
  7. Increases productivity in the field
  8. Stabilizes cash flow
  9. Allows you decrease the number of hours you work
  10. Helps you stand apart from your competition
  11. Allows you win more against extremely low priced bids
  12. Enables you to spend less time at appointments
  13. Gives you another reason to stop doing B2C home shows
  14. Offers opportunity to increase your prices.
  15. Helps bring you more qualified candidates
  16. Gives your business credibility and improves reputation
  17. Speeds up the track for free media coverage
  18. Provides you more time to complete other key tasks in your business
  19. Puts your business on track for growth - and away from decline
  20. Makes your family happier