Is Traditional Marketing Dead?

Traditional marketing doesn't work like it used to. Home Services businesses like landscape contractors, general contractors, kitchen designers, and interior designers need new strategies.

Change is tough...but often it's the difference between success and failure when it comes to sustaining or growing a home services business today. 

While a large number of small to mid-sized business in the home improvement and remodeling space understand the importance the web plays, very few have really adopted it for their companies. 

We speak the owners of construction contractors, landscape contractors, architects, and kitchen design firms all the time. They tell us they have a professional looking website, run some ads in their county's regional magazine, and have a monthly email marketing blast. 9 times out of 10, the reality is quite a bit different when we explain these things through a transparent, ROI-driven lens.

Here's what we typically find.

A 'professional website' is usually just an online brochure.

Sometimes that brochure is pretty to the eye. Most times it's not even that. What it certainly is not, is a lead generating machine that sits as the company's best salesperson. There is no valuable content for the visitor to digest. There are no calls-to-actions to turn those visitors into leads, and there is rarely a blog that's driving traffic through regularly updated, relevant content. The 'professional websites' that we usually see are professional by the standards of the late 1990's. Read more about why there is so much being left on the table here.

A 'monthly email blast' is typically just a spammy email with no benefits to the reader.

Email marketing is probably one of the most misunderstood elements of digital marketing today. The home services companies we speak with are doing little more than blasting potential clients and past clients with a self-promoting billboard. This is not valuable to your company, trust me—it's doing more harm than good. And with plummeting open rates and click-through rates, it's a lot of wasted energy with little ROI.

Again, it goes back to a very simple foundation...put the buyer first. Encourage visitors to sign up for your monthly or weekly newsletter by giving them useful content. Help them research and learn and you will benefit. Your email newsletters should be packed with resources and content that your prospects will find useful.

Print advertising is usually completely unfocused on delivering the ideal customer and cost prohibitive.

Magazine and newspaper display ads can work—there's no doubt about it. But they are extremely expensive so small businesses have to be sure they are reaching the right prospects with the right message. Full page ads in generic regional magazines can cost upwards of $5,000 so learning what works and what doesn't is much more costly than with their digital counterparts. Casting a huge marketing net can be an extremely bad idea for a home services business—finding a focused outlet will always win. 

So before you tell yourself that you have solid marketing for your home remodeling or home services company, be sure to really take a long hard look. What was good 10 years ago is simply ineffective today. 

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