What Facebook Can Do for Contractors + Landscape Architects

So you've got yourself a Facebook account - post every now and again and don't really see the likes moving up. Perhaps you're not even sure whether or not you should invest your time in creating a Facebook account. Or, last possible common scenario, you might have an account and don't even remember the last time you posted (if ever!). All possible, and regardless of your scenario, you're not alone.

Let's set the record straight, if you are a Business-to-Consumer company, you should have a Facebook account and you should definitely post regularly. Having an active Facebook account provides many benefits to a business in the home services industry, if it's done right. To highlight, we want to emphasize that social media will not be your primary source of bringing traffic or leads. Also, please get rid of the idea that the number of likes you have determines how well your Facebook account is doing - that is the biggest myth we hear! 

Fall is time to increase revenue for your landscaping business, increase leads for landscapers, and use social media for your landscaping company

1. Facebook gives you credibility. 

The buyer's journey (which starts at least several weeks before you ever get the phone call) includes comparing companies. This homeowner will look at your reviews and how you interact with other people on Facebook. In other words, the way you display your communications with and about your potential, prospecting, or current clients will all be on shown on your account - and this all helps in building a relationship with this new prospect. It helps bring a personal touch - a face, or a voice, to a business. The more expensive and/or complex the work might be, the more important this is for your potential client. Part of your website bringing you more leads, includes making sure that you have an active social media presence. It's like a reference check before dialing your number. Related: Buyers Journey

2. Facebook helps you keep relationships.

Once the project is done and gone, many landscape contractors and architects find themselves challenged with how to maintain relationships with these previous clients. And as you might know and possibly obsess about, this group of homeowners is a powerful resource in gaining you future leads! So you know you can't just leave them alone and hope they remember you - they won't (after a couple of months).

As part of an inbound marketing strategy, keeping these past clients engaged is possible with blogs that are relevant to them. It's just as important to do that on Facebook. Share content on there for customers that have had work done (for example, how to accessorize or entertain a space you've designed or built). Keep them engaged. Keep in mind that organic reach is now lower than ever (with recent updates) - to help paint this picture, up to 5% of your Facebook followers will see your post in their news feed; yes, 5%! If you have a hundred followers, that equals to five people seeing your post. If however one of those people happen to click on your post, like it, or share it, the reach increase to a slightly higher percentage. To increase this percentage, the best bet is to pay for promoting your posts.

There are hundreds of metrics to use in Facebook to specify who exactly sees your post - including an email list of your own (emails of all your past customers). Complement that with an occasional email - and you've got content that is relevant and specific! Related: Send Better Email To Clients & Prospects

3. Facebook helps bring in traffic and leads.

Why? Well, combining this point with the first, it makes sense why it would bring you more leads. The prospect shops around online, visits your site, your profile, feels comfortable and calls you (or doesn't feel comfortable even though your website is fantastic and therefore doesn't call you). Facebook however does more. With pay-per-click Facebook advertising, you can target an extremely specific market- by location, education, marital status, recent purchases (maybe plants or outdoor paint?), recently visited your website, as well as many other factors. Not all posts are made equal - and not all should be boosted. There is a science in selecting which ones will bring you the most ROI. Things like what your post says, what your target market is doing at time of boost, and action you are expecting or asking for are some considerations. As a showstopper - none of this is helpful or effective without a clear inbound marketing strategy that includes your goals with Facebook.

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Facebook (and other social media management) is a critical part of an inbound marketing strategy. (if you're new to inbound marketing, read more about it here). Social media is an integral element of your total marketing package - which includes overall goals of your business in revenue and leads. How many posts, how much engagement, and how much to spend on Facebook - all come from your overall goals and strategy - that work together with your other efforts (e.g. driving leads from your website), in order to get you to the finish line!