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Do Facebook like the Pros do Facebook.

In this hands-on, 4-week long bootcamp style course, you'll learn everything you need to know to use Facebook just like the best marketing pros do. After all, this is what we do - we manage Facebook for our clients. And now, for the first time ever, we're sharing these secrets. We're teaching you how to do it for yourself.  


4 week long program with weekly check-in calls.


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Facebook is the most powerful advertising engine in the world. 

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Check out the first lesson for free.  

Facebook is a powerful tool for growing the hell out of your business. In this down-and-dirty course, you'll learn everything you need to know to use Facebook effectively.


The Average American Spends 40 Minutes Per Day on Facebook.

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What are you doing with their attention?

Remember when you used to look at magazine media kits and what audiences they reached? How about now being able to reach exactly who you want to reach and when — and set your own price!? Kind of like reaching people who like cold drinks...Well, go on, do just that (not necessarily the cold drink part).

Learning to use the Facebook targeting engine will change how you run your business, hands-down. In this program, we demystify Facebook and help you reach your perfect customer base effectively and with ease.


Watch recorded tutorial videos on getting organized with the right tools, access, settings. Join the exclusive private Facebook group. Meet your fellow Facebook learners. Learn about the key differences between your personal and business Facebook pages. 

Learn how to properly complete your Facebook profile with recorded videos (to watch on your own time, over and over again). From the about section to the new Services section - you'll be covered. Master creating professional-looking images with text (using FREE online tools that I walk you through on how to use). Upload perfect profile and cover photos. Also learn how to work those reviews! Hop on into the weekly call with your fellow business owners and Facebook group for questions and support.

At your own time, learn how to decide what to post on Facebook, keep creating those custom, beautiful photos. Also learn how to share a Facebook post as a business (and where to find your business page's newsfeed). And of course, learn how to create events and offers right on your Facebook page. And when you have questions on implementing any of these new tricks, ask away in our check-in call or right in your private group of new friends on Facebook.

You now finally learn how to advertise on Facebook! You'll learn how to create an audience, boost your Facebook post (and the difference between the two). You'll be creating professional looking Facebook Ads and getting more followers, likes, engagement, and most importantly, on your way to getting new customers! We'll wrap up with any remaining burning questions with answers from me and your fellow team. You will now master Facebook-congratulations!



Master the essentials of Facebook advertising for your business once and for all. We make it easy!

4-Week program with weekly check-in calls: $449.00