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Craftsmanship, captured.

Showing off your expertise, craftsmanship, and design and installation processes in a professional manner is key to converting leads into customers.


Capturing the Story of Your Craftsmanship


Recent documentary update with Magic Landscaping and Unilock.

Showcasing your design/build work, both in progress and in its final state, is critical for showing potential customers what you can do for them. Thing is, how to showcase what you do best takes industry experience, something that Halstead Media has more than any other marketing agency.

Depending on whether you’re a design/build, dealer, or build product manufacturer, and depending on your story, your budget, and your company’s goals, we will work with you to decide what content you need captured, what story and message you need to convey, and, of course, what mediums you should do that through.



Top landscape marketing in Newark NJ

With professionally trained photographers who have experience in shooting landscaping and hardscaping industry content, we’ll capture stunning photos that showcase what you have to offer. Stunning product shots. Beautiful photos of your finished construction projects and in-progress design work. Inviting pictures of your business location’s environment. From wide-shot, overarching shots to close-up shots, we’ll get the best photos to help sell your business.

Effective landscape marketing in California and Florida

The latest and trendiest type of content in the industry right now, drone footage and timelapses are engaging ways to show off your design/build work and offerings. In fact, consumers are starting to expect this type of content. If they see drone footage or timelapse content, they’re more likely to see your business as a serious, trusted choice. Drone footage shows off the sheer breadth and beauty of your hardscape design and construction work. Timelapses showcase your process and before-and-after comparisons in a more engaging way. And both elevate your offerings in the eye of the consumer.

Videography - landscape marketing in Jersey City NJ

Through our videography services, we can help you tell the story of your design/build brand. We know the right shots to get, the best aspects to highlight, and the most effective ways to bring your company’s strengths to light. Often, that involves organizing, conducting, and shooting interviews. We’ll create a way for you, your employees, and your customers to tell personal stories, to make connections with prospects on a deeper, stronger level. We also help manufacturers and dealers shoot how-to videos for their products and other content that showcases product uses and benefits.

Videography helps landscape marketing in New York City and New Jersey

Every file — be it a photo file, video file, or anything else we’ve captured for you — goes through a professional editing process. From color-correction to video editing, we don’t just capture content, we package it up and deliver it to you in consumer-ready fashion. We can also help with the publishing of these new professional pieces. Through our social media services, we can help turn them into effective Facebook and Instagram ads. We can also leverage your new content to create an engaging new website when you take advantage of our website design services for landscape design/build companies. 

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Experience Some of our Work

Videography for Magic Landscaping

Videography for Magic Landscaping

Jobsite Videography for Unilock

Jobsite Videography for Unilock




Starts at $2500.

Investing in our professional documenting services is one of the best things you can do for your design/build business. We always recommend a mix of mediums to strengthen content, but we also offer individual service packages. And because we know the landscape design and construction industry, we know that you likely don’t have time to focus on such projects during the busy season. So, we offer monthly plans with prioritized workflows to make sure we get the job done efficiently, on budget, and at your convenience. To get a quote, just visit the Contact Us page.


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