Home Builders need to communicate and connect with women buyers

Home builders today need to redesign not only the homes they build, but their marketing. Women drive big purchases and home builder marketing is how to reach them. 

Home Builders need to communicate and connect with women buyers.

It’s no secret that across most segments of the home improvement industry—kitchen design, bathroom remodeling, and outdoor living design—it is the women who make the decisions and drive big purchases. The home construction market is no different. 

The most successful home builders today build homes with features that attract women buyers. Adapting the designs they build to include things like laundry rooms that are located next to the upstairs bathrooms and creative bathroom and kitchen storage solutions, is allowing top builders to turn more homes and position their brands in good demand. RELATED: CLOSE MORE SALES BY SELLING THE EXPERIENCE.

The thing is, along with changing the design of the floor plans they build, companies also need to change their marketing approach. There are many, many builders across the country that are building homes that women would love. The problem is there target market isn’t even finding them. 

Today, with over 80% of home buyers beginning their research online, websites of custom home builders need to be great. They need to include less pictures of uninhabited homes with straw yards and more finished “pictures” of what a home can be. Less about water conservation and energy conservation—yes, we know these are important features to include, but not in font 30 on the homepage—and more about how the homes are built to allow today’s busy families to grow and live comfortably.

Many studies show that women like beautiful things and appreciate the details of design. That means that your construction websites can’t feel like they were built in the 1990’s. She can’t feel like she’s looking inside the construction van of your business. Think clean, crisp, sleek, and user-friendly websites. That’s what sells homes today. Read more about your online marketing in this related blog post: Increase Margins With a Website Optimized for Construction Marketing.

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