5 Facebook Myths Every Home Design & Build Pro Should Know

Learn the top 5 misconceptions about Facebook in the home indoor/outdoor living industry to make sure you're attracting the right customers on Facebook.

One in five pageviews occur on Facebook (source: Zephoria). That's right, a whopping 20% of page views. Let's put this in perspective to your home services business. Say your website visitor looks at three pages on your website and then Googles something - visits one page of your competitor's, that fifth page will be a Facebook page. What if it's yours? Is your Facebook page up to snuff? Are you communicating credibility and a consistent branding image? 

There is a lot that businesses, especially the local ones in our industry, can do with Facebook to attract customers, with sacrifices and time. You have to understand the platform and make it work for your business and goals.

Facebook has significantly changed over the last couple of years, even months. Information about its changes isn't always understood quite well. So to sum up the biggest misconceptions, here is your starting list. To learn more, be sure to read a related post, What Facebook Can do For Landscapers and Architects.

1. Make a post to communicate with all of your Facebook followers. 

Wrong! Your posts are only reaching up to 6% of your followers! 6%! The more engaging the post, the closer to 6% it'll get. For example, Facebook shows your post to 4 people. If one of those four engage with your post (like it, comment, or just click) then Facebook will show the post to one or two more people. If those first 4 people don't engage, the showing stops. (the number 4 is just an example and depends on your total number of page likes).

2. Its possible to quickly and significantly increase page likes for free. 

Wrong! Sure, stick the Facebook like icon in a couple of ads, get it in your signature, add it to various pages in your website (or on every page), include it in your email campaigns. And yes, you'll get some free likes organically. That won't however get you big gains for free - even if you're paying someone to manage your Facebook page. To increase the likes, you'll need to cough up some cash to spend on Facebook page like ads. 

3. Page likes are king. The more the better.

Wrong! Well, kind of wrong. Page likes are only king if its done right. Done right means that the people that like your page are actually in your target market. Often, we've seen Facebook ad campaigns done and gone wrong with likes made by people that are completely out of your target marketing (e.g. wrong location, family size). Same goes for post likes. If they're engaging the wrong market, then who cares?! It's like selling pool environments to people who live in apartments. They might like it - but you'll never get a lead from those folks directly.

4. To boost a post, just click "boost post" from the time line screen on Facebook.

Wrong! This option only enables just a few of the target customer settings such as agelocation, and maybe even interests (if you do extra clicking). To make your money go far for the least dollar amount, you want to be extra detailed about your target settings. This means beyond location - get into incomes, behaviors, other pages that people like to name just a couple. This is what it's important to really understand your buyer - and your goals.


5. Facebook can be an alternative to having a website.

Wrong! Okay, we know this one isn't such a common myth - not anymore. There are however still plenty of folks in this industry who haven't invested in a website. Those who struggle to get into the next million revenue range bucket or change their average project revenue size or whatever other obstacles they have in growth. There is no alternative to having an effective website. Want more proof? Let's go back to that one in five pageviews are Facebook - there are still the other four that aren't Facebook. 


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