Are You Making Money While You're Sleeping?

Landscapers, home remodelers, construction companies, and design firms should enable their website to help them generate more revenue.

As a home services contracting business owner or a marketing executive, you don't really exist in a state of "okay, I'm not at work right now." You're always on, in someway or another (especially true if you're a small business owner!). There are times however that you really are away, or times you wish you could be away. Perhaps dinner with family, hiking, traveling, and the obvious- sleeping. During these times, what is your business doing for revenue generation? The answer is easy: it's either preventing it or helping it.

The typical buyer guides themselves approximately 75% through the sales funnel before ever reaching you. While you're snoozing away, that buyer is looking at your website as well as your competitors - comparing quality, mission, and connection. Don't forget - connections still sell. And websites can help develop connections (or not). Add in that the average consumer spends almost 80 days researching before committing to a long purchase - and you've got yourself a long sales cycle. And yes, every home renovation, design/build - indoors and out is major! (This is another reason why you shouldn't start prospecting two weeks before you'd like to close a deal, read more here.)

If your home services business is targeting the other 25% of the prospects that contact you much sooner - imagine how much more revenue you'd have if you never stop selling; if you're selling continued into your sleeping and vacation hours. 

It's not impossible, not even close. Inbound Marketing is an always-on methodology that helps your business continuously attract new and returning visitors to your website, keep them there, and engage with your company. How? 

Inbound takes searchers on Google to a blog post of yours that aligns with what you're prospect searched. The website has personalized content for this visitor. This establishes a connection - your visitor feels like you understand them and their needs. At that visit on your website, or the next, the visitor shares their contact info in exchange for helpful material. Your company then sends automated emails. When these visitors have been taken through the sales funnel to a point they're content with, they contact you. And during this entire time, you've been working on current clients, business-as-usual operations, as well as sleep, vacations, family, and hiking! 

There is no other approach out there that can do that for you while you're sleeping. Billboards, magazinessocial media are all great advertising opportunities - and they should be used, depending on your goals. They should never be used in exclusivity as a way to drive leads. The reason is simple - it's a one-point contact approach. After seeing your advertisement, the prospect will not be ready to call you immediately (since the average consumer spends so much time taking themselves through the funnel and researching). The advertisement is just a poke to have them dig further. Your website is where they will go. If you don't have enough nurturing on your site, they're gone.

Let's go back to the beginning. Ask yourself, are you generating or losing revenue when you're sleeping?

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