Marketing for Contractors Needs to be Automatic

automate marketing for home improvement contractors

Home improvement contractors are busy. In fact, they are probably some of the busiest people you will ever meet. The very nature of building elaborate construction projects with many different moving parts makes the contracting business very hard to time-manage. And because good productivity on the job site is so crucial to making money, many important elements of running a small business-such as marketing-often find themselves on the back burner. That is, if they've even made it on the stove at all. 

What does all of this mean? Well, pretty simply put, it just means that construction marketing needs to be simple, automatic, and effective for small business owners in the home improvement industry. 

Today, the small business websites of landscape contractors, pool professionals, remodeling contractors, and home builder should fill the role of the sales staff they can't afford to employ full time. Even if you can afford it, it's probably not the best move anyway. In fact, there is data that may back this up. According to GE Capital, 81% of shoppers will begin the buying process online. Basically, rarely does anyone start with a sales rep anymore. Your website is your best salesperson-or at least it should be.\

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Just like you wouldn't have to stress about managing the best salesperson in the world, you shouldn't have to worry about your marketing and leads. Partnering with an agency that specializes in construction marketing makes all of this possible. After all, generating quality home improvement leads is not something that just any agency or consultant can do well. In fact, they are the hardest type of leads to deliver. Creating websites that are designed to increase traffic and convert only the right traffic to customer leads, all while maintaining a high-quality brand image and great first impression is the job of someone who knows the industry inside and out. What drives Homeowner Sally to pull the trigger on that kitchen remodel? What does Mrs. Jones need to see and read in order to be inspired to act on creating that new outdoor living space by the pool? Hire someone who knows the answers to these questions and you are well on your way to automatic marketing and lead generation.  

If I told you that I could deliver 20 prequalified leads directly to your cell phone every month, would you believe me? Probably not. You would probably believe me even less if I told you that in order to that, I would be using just your website and a few social media sites. That's right...I wouldn't tell you to pack up 5 pallets of stone and head off for the weekend to a home show that cost you $5k. And I wouldn't say turn your HomeAdvisor account on so you can drive around to visit tire kickers until 10 o'clock at night after working a 10 hour day in the field. Nah, just your website and the place where over 80% or homeowners will be looking for their next contractor to hire.  

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