Case Study: The New Website for a Landscape Architecture Franchise Company


FireSky Outdoor, formerly LandArt, came to us with an incredibly unique vision for their new franchise. Originally based out of Reno, NV, FireSky Outdoor was ready to expand their franchise idea into other areas — with their first new location in Sacramento, CA.

Bringing together landscape architects and landscape installers, FireSky needed a new website (and SEO, but more on that later) to represent the new FireSky brand in the new California location but also to replace their current brand in the original Reno location.

Most importantly, the new website needed to communicate the story of the unique integration of services FireSky Outdoor offers while appealing to high-end homeowners.

The New Website

Aligned to the new FireSky logo, the website features a modern, fresh, unique — and sophisticated — design. Detailing the story, through one section, and then one page a time, the website colors, fonts, layout, images, and copy are designed to resonate with the high-end homeowner looking for a landscape architect. Each page is carefully written and designed to work independently from the site (if a visitor stumbles across any one page before going to the homepage) yet complementary if a visitor is browsing multiple pages. You won’t find dead ends here. Finalizing the sales experience, users end up at a location page to contact FireSky directly.

What’s Next?

While we’ve kicked off SEO to help FireSky rank for their the new location, more locations, as well as an overall franchise website (to appeal to landscape professionals) is coming soon.

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 4.56.41 PM.png

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