Case Study: Facebook Ads for Cleveland, Ohio Company ($6 per FB lead)

Facebook advertising for outdoor lighting company in fishkill ny

The Challenge

This design/build company reached out to Halstead to help improve their Facebook Advertising performance and generate leads. They had already been doing their own Facebook advertising for a couple of year, but were looking for some professional advertising help from someone who understood their design/build industry.

How We Helped

Halstead launched a 6 month Facebook Ads campaign focused on conversions.

In one traffic campaign (meaning the goal was to bring traffic from Facebook to their website), our ads generated a total of 1,923 Link Clicks to their website. Cost per Click was $.61! This design/build company spent about $1100 for this traffic campaign.

In a Facebook messenger campaign (meaning the goal was to generate Facebook messages), the campaign reached 3,619 people, of which 94 sent a Facebook message (50 of which were new connections). This design build company spent about $6 per Facebook message - $6 a lead!

Despite our industry experience, determining the best performing group of ads took some trialing out. We tested various audiences (using income, interests, age, location, and more) with slight variations of each one to get to the above results.

Since the original goal was to improve their Facebook advertising performance, how do these campaigns compare to their own Facebook ads? This company had not previously created any Facebook messenger ads so they weren’t capturing that lead right on Facebook. One of their traffic campaigns helped them reach 36,421 people  and paid $23.93 per link click.


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