How Landscape Contractors Can Increase the Size of Their Average Project

Good landscape contractors often find themselves in a situation where they are ready to grow their businesses and make the jump to a higher revenue level. These are not new companies. They are landscape construction companies that have earned enough project experience over the course of 3, 5, or even 10 years (depending on the revenue target sought) where they now know their level of quality is superb. Regular positive referrals, possibly an award or two, and increased project detail, size, and sale price. But how do you make the jump to selling and building high-end projects for most of the season? How do you cater to more affluent clientele who award these projects soaring above the $100k mark?

Attracting and winning high-end customers and their projects often requires a transformation in your brand image. 

Jumping into a higher revenue mark can be challenging for any company. While increasing the number of projects is always an option, this strategy often requires increasing crew size and equipment, resulting in higher overhead and lower profits. These types of growing pains, if not managed correctly, can mean the end of a company. While increasing the quantity of projects completed in a season is certainly a positive goal, attracting higher revenue generating projects often provides better results and a smoother transition to the next level.

Attracting and winning high-end customers and their projects often requires a transformation in your brand image. After all, if you are not currently getting these types of leads, or aren’t winning them when you do, then something must be wrong. This means it’s time to take a long, hard look at the target market your business is attracting. But how does a landscape company appeal to a new, higher-end target market? Here are five steps that will start you off on the right foot.

Update Your Landscaping Logo  

A logo is more than just a little design that represents a company; it's often the first thing a potential client sees. They will then associate that image with a business identity. Studies show that high-end customers are willing to pay more for professionalism and customer service, and that professionalism needs to start from the first impression. Update old logos, even good ones, to something new, fresh and modern to keep your brand evolving. Remember, logos are an often times subconscious connection to a business. Most people don’t think, “I like that logo.” They will either connect and relate with the business or they don’t. This is often decided prior to meeting anyone from your company.

Update Your Landscaping Website  

People investing big money in their homes want to know about the people they're hiring. Today that means much more than just being found on the Internet. A fresh, eye-catching website that speaks to your target market is essential for any company looking to increase it’s revenue. Updating a landscaping company’s website to include high-quality project photography, responsive design principles allowing for mobile friendly viewing, and relevant, engaging content is essential. Website optimization should be top priority for landscape contractors.

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Photos—Quality Over Quantity  

Ah yes… portfolio pictures—perhaps one of the most misunderstood elements of any outdoor living company’s marketing efforts. Less is more here! Make sure to curate a project portfolio that showcases only your best work. Instead of using hundreds of pictures from every project you ever did, focus on a handful of your most impressive projects. Use only professional, high quality photos that show different angles of the outdoor living spaces. Those pictures taken with a camera phone featuring incomplete projects with wheelbarrows and piles of dirt everywhere are hurting your company more than you realize.

Use Targeted, Frequent Advertising  

As effective and reliable as word of mouth can be, advertising and marketing is always an on-going effort. You are not executing on marketing today for business you want tomorrow—you are marketing today for business you want next year. Your brand must be regularly seen in the right places to win over the discerning consumer—and those places you choose must make sense. There is nothing more effective than inbound marketing. Don’t forget, your digital advertising efforts must align with your company’s goals as well—aka leave the banner ads for someone else.

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Maintain Consistent Marketing Messages

The most important thing to remember when it comes to increasing the value of your client base is to be consistent. Marketing is spoken in terms of campaigns for a reason. Your print and digital advertising should align with your website, social media accounts, and even your logo and letterhead. You are repositioning your brand—every form of visual communication matters.  High-end, discerning consumers are willing to pay more for a well-respected brand, and you can't create a great brand without marketing consistency. 

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