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Episode 20: Make your events go further with social media

Want your events to last longer? The power is in your hands. In this intro-to-the-topic video, we introduce spreading the wildfire event approach with widgets that encourage people to take photos, using branded items, and share them on their social media. The return? People are posting images of themselves, happy, with your brand. Magic. Watch for more and tell us how you've done it!

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Episode 18: Looking beyond just location & demographics in Facebook targeting

Everyone knows that you can choose location, age, family, income - and other demographics when it comes to creating a Facebook audience for targeting your posts and dark ads. But what about interests and behaviors? Does every high income wife with children that is age 42 want a service you install or a product you sell?! NO!! So don't stop there. Make sure your Facebook audiences include interests and/or behaviors. Watch here for more:

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Episode 16: Stop with the wet pavers, landscapers!

Just stop it already with the wet pavers in your project pictures! A couple of summer rain drops on select pavers and natural stone - yes, that can be beautiful. But a hosed down paver patio or paver walkway? NO!!! Stop it. It's not stylish. It doesn't look good. Let them dry and then take your phone or camera out to snap a pic. 

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Episode 16: How do you get more referrals in the digital world?

No matter how much you're investing in advertising - online or offline, every business gets the best leads via referrals. There is no denying that. So how do you - as a landscape design/build company - get more referrals in the digital world? Anna shares her 5.5 ways to help you take some huge steps in growing your referrals - tomorrow.

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Episode 15: Drone footage for outdoor living

In this video, Corey talks about the collision of experience driven purchasing and video marketing = drone. Team them up with still shots for an immersive experience . And remember - Buying a camera doesn’t make you a professional photographer. Buying a drone doesn’t make you a professional videographer. 

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Episode 13: Start winning landscape design/build projects with better photography

What happens when you begin to look at your landscape projects through the lens of a camera? You start to see things you know the camera will capture. In this video, Corey talks about the four basic steps of getting winning photography - all by yourself! 

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HalsteadTVEp7: The Disconnect between what the customer saw in the magazine vs what you installed

Mrs. Jones saw a Unilock .. or a Techo .. or some kind of natural stone outdoor living pic in a magazine or catalogue. You (Mr. Landscape Designer, Landscaper, or Landscape Architect - whatever it is you call yourself) promised her she was getting that. It's the same patio - same materials. Same paver patterns. Pretty much the same size. You might even have the similar planting and fence installed. Yet, she's not quite thrilled. Something is missing. Maybe she's telling you that "it's close - you did a good job," or maybe she's hiding it and you're left wondering "is she happy?" Why did this happen? Why isn't she in love with this new outdoor space? After several weeks (or months) of design and landscape construction - what's the missing piece? DESIGN! Interior design is the missing piece to every beautiful home design and remodel - why would you leave it out for the exteriors?

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Landscaping Websites that Win Jobs

Do you notice anything different about the cover of the new Unilock product catalog? We did. There's people in the photo.

For years the landscape construction industry—perhaps more aptly referred to these days as the outdoor living industry—has been shelling out product catalogs filled with beautiful close-ups of concrete blocks and backyard projects that apparently weren't build for people to use. At least that's the way it seemed because there wasn't a human anywhere in site.

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5 Must-Haves For a Killer Home Contractor Website

Not sure if your contractor website is up to snuff? Well the answer is pretty easy: are you getting enough leads from it? Aaaahh... okay, what exactly is enough? How do you know your expectations are reasonable? Maybe you couldn't get more, after all John from ABC Landscaping said he only gets 2 leads a month, and you get 3; you must be doing great, right? NO! You're not doing great until you have at least 20 qualified leads a month (some more and some a little less depending on your average project size).

..But you can't get more leads if you don't get more traffic - or a different kind of traffic. So, yes, you likely can get more from your website. 

So lets start with how.

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How Landscape Contractors Can Increase the Size of Their Average Project

Good landscape contractors often find themselves in a situation where they are ready to grow their businesses and make the jump to a higher revenue level. These are not new companies. They are landscape construction companies that have earned enough project experience over the course of 3, 5, or even 10 years (depending on the revenue target sought) where they now know their level of quality is superb. Regular positive referrals, possibly an award or two, and increased project detail, size, and sale price. But how do you make the jump to selling and building high-end projects for most of the season? How do you cater to more affluent clientele who award these projects soring above the $100k mark?

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10 Tips to Creating the Perfect Story Behind the Project Photo

Media Coverage of landscaping or design work is a top need for many marketing executives or business owners in this industry. Of course there are other key marketing essentials (like inbound marketing - which includes blogging and social media). There is however something special about building your reputation in quality work using previously completed projects.

Sure, professional photography is non-negotiable. Whether it costs several hundred dollars or a thousands, its a must. But what happens after the photos and what can you do with them to make sure you're promoting your best work and increasing your chances of media coverage? It starts with getting the right story. A story behind the photos. Something that connects readers and viewers to the work. Words that bring it all to life. 

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Ten Ways to Prepare for the Next Season Now

With the 2016 outdoor living season months away, its easier to spend time and energy thinking about closing out this year by wrapping up open projects and trying to close more projects that can be completed immediately. Sure, this is necessary. But with the average buying cycle lasting over 70 days, now is the time to strategize and start executing towards your 2016 season plans. From improving your cash flow, to increasing efficiency, don't put off planing for the next year any longer. 

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How to Stand Apart from Your Competition

Most indoor and outdoor living businesses are local and highly competitive. Sure, there are firms focusing on the general high level differences. For example, landscaping, architecture, construction, pool companies (suppliers and installers), and kitchen design firms. But even within those categories, competition is highly aggressive. To dive into landscaping -  there are 90,000 of you in the United States! As this home industry continues to grow, more entrepreneurs are entering the market. 

Enter the "me-too" company - charging inexplicably less, gaining popularity in a small community, and all of a sudden, taking your prospects to them. The demand for effective brand positioning has never been higher.

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Why You're Losing to Lower Priced Bids

Winning a bid is not a small kind of celebration - especially if its your company's biggest project of the season. A lot of sweat equity (and money) go into nurturing this lead and getting to the bid stage. As an architect or landscaper, no matter how much you are passionate about the design, research and design effort that go into your proposal will always be understated. And when you walk away from the 6th 7pm meeting at your prospect's home (which is 75 minutes away from your home), the jitters that lead to either a black hole of never hearing from the prospect again or the big deal celebration will always exist. Occasionally, you'll have no idea why you didn't get the job. However usually you do - and when its due to a lower priced proposal, its a hard loss to swallow, especially when you know your bids is priced fairly and offers the perfect value for the prospect. There are several reasons of why this is happening. Here is a couple for the perfect reality check.

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Tell the story behind the patio (or kitchen)

Did you ever see someone trying to sell a high-end kitchen remodel with a picture of a lonely stove?

It’s more likely that those beautiful kitchens you see on (get your work in there!) were sold with luxurious photos, personal testimonials, and family stories that help a homeowner visualize what it would be like for their family to cook dinner in that new kitchen.

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Close More Landscape Sales by Selling the Experience

When your client decides on the materials for their new paver driveway—maybe it's Unilock or Cambridge Pavers—they aren’t buying these products because they think the samples you dragged over look amazing (although, yes, they might). They are spending money with you because of the experience they are going to have when they drive their family up the new paver driveway that leads to home. The experience of walking out to their car sitting on the perfect pavers or perhaps the sound of their heels against the driveway. Their home is going to feel a little more like home and that feeling is worth every penny of your fee to them. 

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Get New Design or Build Customers Through Free Media Coverage

For landscape contractors, pool builders, and landscape architects things can get pretty hectic during the busy season. Most landscape contractors focus on things like selling and designing projects, ensuring that open projects come in on quality and budget, and optimizing efficiency to get as much work done as possible during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. Makes sense, right? Of course it does. 

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