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Make Your Event Go Further With Social Media: Before, During, and After

So, your company is hosting or participating in a design-build event. You’ve selected the perfect time for such an endeavor; homeowners are out and about, looking for contractors just like you at their local fairs and home shows, or scoping out new design-build professionals to help fulfill their needs. Social media is one of the best ways to promote your event beforehand, populate it during, and capitalize on it after. We’ve laid out the schedule from beginning to end, highlighting which social media resources to incorporate throughout, as well as which work best for the design-build industry. Check it out.

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What is "Email Open Rate" & How Can You Increase Yours?

Despite the fears of spam and annoying ads, email marketing is alive and well. But how do marketers determine their email marketing strategies? One of the most important stats we look at is the “email open rate”. You may not know what this means, or worse, you may think you know what it means. Whatever the case, we’re going to let you in on all the knowledge to perfect your email marketing tactics and increase your open rates.

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Home Contractors: Create strong relationships with your dealers & win

In the small world of home contracting and home services, strong businesses are still built on strong relationships. While a company's relationships with its clients, employees, and sub-contractors are all key, support and respect at the dealer/distributor level may just be the most important. This partnership can offer some hefty rewards if fostered properly—or some hard blows if not. 

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Hardscape Manufacturers: Adding digital marketing support to your Co-Op Plans is overdue.

Since the beginning of time, manufacturers in the hardscape and landscape industries have offered marketing support to their dealers and retailers via an advertising co-op program. Traditionally based on volume of sales, the hardscape dealer or product retailer receives funds—commonly around 50% of the cost—towards regionally-focused, co-branded advertising placements. 

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Attracting Sales Reps to Building Products Manufacturers

More than for any other position within a company, the sales rep position has a notoriously high attrition rate. The ongoing hiring and leaving - leading to prospecting and recruiting efforts are never-ending for any company - including manufacturers of building products. 

There are the industry-specific factors that make hiring for this position more challenging. Take for example, the constant travel, extremely long sales cycles, and the education required to the buyer.

To help improve hiring rates and attrition, lets take a step back to understand what exactly these sales reps want. 

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3 Ways Hardscape Materials Manufacturers Can Connect with Contractors

With multiple sales and marketing channels to feed, manufacturers of construction and building materials—specifically hardscape materials manufacturers—often have a choice to make. While some manufacturers focus primarily on the end retail consumer—think Cambridge and select segments of Old Castle—most have adopted a hybrid approach, trying to balance communications across dealers, installers and landscape contractors, and the end user. 

With the revolution of shopping habits disrupting the old marketing and sales playbook, it has become difficult for some hardscape manufacturers to optimize and connect with the B2B channel using the old traditional ways. Trade shows, ads in trade magazines, and contractor loyalty programs are all still in the wheelhouse, but is the ROI for these efforts decreasing? It sure seems so. 

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Marketing & Sales Automation for Building Products Manufacturers

Marketing and sales automation is an incredibly powerful tool for BPM's, both for their organization's B2B marketing and B2C marketing channels. While managing the changes and successfully implementing automation can be a huge and daunting task, case study after case study shows the rewards clearly outweighing the investment.

With most BPM's possessing a huge contact database they've build over the years, finding more efficient and more effective ways to utilize these contacts is becoming a major priority. 

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Inbound Marketing for Manufacturers of Concrete Pavers and Walls

What happens when your B2B customer is no longer being persuaded and educated at the dealer/distributor level?

How about when your channel communications are so dynamic that your message and influence as a product manufacturer is lost or diluted? 

Everything changes. The way manufacturers reach their dealers and installers, and the home and business owners that ultimately own their products, has been flipped on its head.

Those paver and wall manufacturers that adapt their marketing strategies to better match these new buying habits will ultimately win new. But adapt exactly how?

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How to Effectively Market to Landscape Contractors

Let’s face it. These guys are tough. Marketing to landscapers—reaching and really connecting with business owners in the landscape design and build industry—is next to impossible.  

Trade Shows?

Contractor Loyalty Programs? 

Full page ads in trade magazines? 

Maybe. But let’s take these 3 common approaches. Let’s conservatively say that these avenues are costing around $500k/year in marketing spend with the added bonus of a whole lot of uncertainty when it comes to ROI. When viewed through the traditional marketing lens, this is pretty standard practice, right? No big deal or red flags here folks.

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