Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing for Contractors

Stop yelling at your prospects and start having meaningful conversations.

At Halstead Media, we have a statistic that we like to remind people of—the home remodeling/home services industry is over a $60 billion a year market. We think this is a pretty impressive stat. It’s because of this stat that we think it’s time to elevate the quality and professionalism of construction marketing.Construction marketing in today’s world has to change dramatically to match the complete overhaul of the buying process for American consumers. Door hangers are great, as are contractor advertising methods like display ads in regionally focused, industry specific magazines. Perhaps you used to swear by doing a booth at a home show or two or three. But these methods of marketing need to be a supplement to the core inbound marketing and content marketing efforts of your home services business.

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Those door hangers and magazine ads are referred to as traditional ‘outbound’ marketing efforts—essentially yelling at the potential customer in hopes that they will listen. And if done correctly, they sometimes will. But because everyone is so incredibly busy in today’s world, and our coveted attention is being pulled from so many different channels and directions, this outbound method is really hard to rely on solely for bringing in new prospects and closing home remodeling sales.

Why is Inbound/Content Marketing for Contractors a Great Fit?

What the heck is inbound and content marketing anyway? How does inbound marketing work and why does your company need to produce great content regularly? Read: Not All Blogs Are Made the Same

marketing for contractors is changing.landscape contractors and home builders are leaving the home shows behind.

Inbound marketing is the idea of creating useful content (content marketing) that is helpful to your ideal customers, engaging their interest and attention, and, ultimately, attracting them to your company’s products and services. Sounds cool, right? It is. And the best part is that it’s also very effective. Content marketing and inbound marketing are best served warm, together, and with a nice slice of creativity.

For Kitchen Designers, Landscape Contractors, and Custom Home Builders alike, Inbound Marketing is how you increase traffic, drive qualified leads, and win new business today. 

By now, we all know that today’s buyer in the market for a new outdoor living space, kitchen remodel, or an architect for their second home, is way more informed, empowered, and savvy than in years past. They are gaining that information on the Internet from companies that are producing the most engaging content. A contractor's website that only focuses on your company’s history and why you think you are great, is not going to close sales in today’s home remodeling market. 

With the need for construction marketing to include great volumes of accurate, engaging content that is specific to the prospects needs, comes the need for a new kind of marketing agency. No longer can a marketing agency ‘specialize’ in working with all types of businesses across all kinds of industries—the content simply won’t be incredible enough to be effective.

Home remodeling companies looking to grow their revenue and improve their brand’s impact need to partner with an inbound marketing agency that understands their niche inside and out. 

— Photo by Adrien Leguay via Flickr