The SEO Game Plan for Landscapers and Home Builders [Infographic]

The SEO Game Plan for Landscapers, Home Builders, plumbers, and roofing companies

Thinking back to decades ago, when a storefront business needed more foot traffic, they looked to traditional advertising to increase awareness of their store. The store owners would make sure they are trying to bring in the right buyers and advertise to them in place those buyers would be in and use advertising material that would grab their attention. Well, today's online marketing is not much different. 

When your landscaping or home remodeling/building websites needs more traffic, for more sales of course, you need to advertise your company online. And there is no better way to do this than with SEO that works - that brings you the type of customers you want to work with for projects you want to design and build. So how do you implement SEO that brings you those leads? Here is a handy infographic guide from Content Marketing Institute.

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