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Traditional marketing just doesn't cut through the noise of our busy world anymore. Luckily, what we do does.

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We believe in the power of great content marketing to build meaningful connections between business and consumer.


Inbound Marketing in Fairfield, CT | Westchester, NY Marketing Agency

What is Inbound Marketing & Why Should You Care About Content?

So why do we as a Westchester, NY marketing agency believe in content and inbound marketing? How does inbound marketing work and why does your company need to produce great content regularly?


Inbound marketing is the idea of creating useful content—articles, blogs, videos, reports, etc—that is helpful and entertaining to your ideal customers. By engaging their interest and attention while offering them a solution to their problem you are attracting them to your company’s products and services.

As many small business owners already know, today's buyer is way more informed, empowered, and savvy than in years past. During their research, these shoppers are learning from the companies who invest in content that helps them on their journey to purchasing a solution. A website design that focuses solely on a company's history and maybe 14 pages on why they are great falls short - way short - of what is needed to win new customers in today's world. Inform and give value first, sell second. 


At the end of the day, though, It's also just a way better return on investment for those who commit. Outbound leads have a 1.7% close rate while Inbound (SEO) leads have a 14.6% close rate (source: Search Engine Journal). Outbound includes the more traditional outlets, including print advertising, radio, tv, etc., basically anything in which you would be trying to reach a consumer while they likely are doing something unrelated to your service. Inbound (SEO) includes attracting potential clients to your business - reaching them while they are doing something related (e.g. searching for a solution that your business does). 

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A great website is at the heart of everything we do to grow businesses.

We believe that spending money to drive traffic to a website that isn't ready to impress and convert visitors doesn't make a whole lot of sense. 

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"Approximately 96% of visitors that come to your website are not ready to buy."

- Kissmetrics


What is your site offering for those that aren't ready to buy?

Whether your looking to re-invent your company after many years in business, or are just launching with all your passion and dreams in tow, chances are good we can help.

As a small digital marketing agency, we only take projects that we are super passionate about, working as a true partner to set and reach the goals of our clients.

HALSTEAD is a boutique digital & content marketing firm based in Westchester, NY —a short drive North of NYC. We're a certified inbound marketing agency. 

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