Marketing for Contractors Starts with Website Optimization

The home services industry is going through an interesting time. General contractors, landscape contractors, roofing and siding contractors, kitchen design firms, architects, and interior designers are all facing stiff competition and ever decreasing margins.

Construction Marketing starts with website optimization

With the target market for these businesses doing all their research and decision making online, effective marketing for contractors and the sales process have both completely changed. Today's buyer is extremely educated and now has all the power in the sales process. That's right—ALL the power. 

So what exactly are home services professionals to do? 

Marketing for contractors means adapting to the way homeowners buy today

As a business owner today—let's say you own a kitchen design firm —your prospects must not only find your company online, but you must engage them with useful, relevant content. Website optimization can literally grow your business by turning your website into a lead machine. 

3 key areas of focus for construction marketing today:

1. Attract website traffic by posting great content 

The best way to make sure a target homeowner finds your business online is to have a blog on your website. Plain and simple. Regularly posted content that is truly useful to prospects is what brings traffic today. Make sure the content you are creating is correctly planned to attract the right target customer for your company and make sure it aligns with their stage in the buying journey. 

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2. Convert website traffic into leads through calls-to-action and content offers and forms

Now that the visitors to your website are climbing, it's time to convert these visitors into qualified leads. Marketing automation software like Hubspot or Mailchimp is designed to lead these visitors to content they want so bad they're willing to give you their information. Once you capture your prospects information gated content and a form submission, it's time to move them along the buyer journey. 

3. Nurture leads into new customers and grow your revenue

Properly planned content will guide your leads through the sales cycle right on your website and by the time they are ready to call you they will already be qualified leads. Sound too good to be true? It's not. It's called inbound marketing and it drives leads with completely trackable ROI. Through automation workflows, you will be able to deliver the right message to the right prospects at the right point in their buying journey. Through regular, useful updates, leads will convert into customers and customers means revenue.

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Remember, in today's world, your business website should be by far your best salesperson. If driving hundreds of leads a month sounds like good marketing for contractors to you, perhaps you'd like to learn more about how we do it. How's about a free inbound marketing assessment?